Monday, May 20

Biden is ensuring that Hamas ‘stays strong’: Marine Corps veteran

Fox News contributor and Marine Corps veteran Johnny Joey Jones discusses the Biden administration’s approach to the Israel-Hamas war and its decision not to supply Israel with weapons if it invades Rafah on “The Big Weekend Show.”

JOHNNY JOEY JONES: You know, Bob Gates famously put in his memoir that Joe Biden’s been wrong on pretty much every defense decision the Obama administration made. So I don’t know exactly how you word it more eloquently than that. He opposed the Bin Laden raid and several things that turned out to be victories, small victories for us, on our way to losing that war. And so, the reason why Bob Gates said that he has been wrong is Joe Biden is either indecisive or scared when it comes to taking action to protect our country, or now, to back our allies in any meaningful way.


I don’t know the answer. I will say this. This may make some people… who may not strongly support Israel, and the antisemitism I see is disgusting, but one thing that some of these people have said that I do agree with is we learned in our war that what’s happening in Gaza, no matter how justified, is creating the next generation of Hamas. But stopping them now doesn’t fix that. That’s already happened. At least let them win the war that they have and then have an influence on how they recover from it. Doing it now only shows division, and it doesn’t do anything to win the Palestinian people back over or make them less Hamas-friendly. 

That’s going to happen. It’s already going to happen. They’ve already bombed half of Gaza. If they bombed the other half in order to kill the rest of Hamas, you’re not going to change that fact. 

So, I understand the reluctancy from that perspective. But, no, what he’s doing right now is he’s ensuring that people… that Hamas stays strong because they think they can deter the United States and anybody else. 


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