Tuesday, April 23

JESSE WATTERS: This ‘dictator on Day 1’ hoax has done a number on the Democrats

Fox News host Jesse Watters warns President Biden shouldn’t be “sleeping in” at this stage of the campaign when he’s failing to lead former President Trump in a single battleground state Wednesday on “Jesse Watters Primetime.”


JESSS WATTERS: It’s obvious Joe is going to win? Does the doctor [Jill Biden] know something we don’t? Whatever happened to run like you’re behind? Today, Biden overslept and was late to an 11:00 speech. He didn’t show up until an hour later. And if you look closely, you can see the CPAP creases on his face. He wears a machine around his noggin to keep him breathing at night. He has sleep apnea, and if he has a creasy face at noon, he just got out of bed. 

He kept Bernie Sanders waiting an hour. That’s either a power move by Biden or that’s just sleepy. The president didn’t fly home from a West Coast campaign stop last night late. Yesterday, the president did nothing. He had a phone call. That’s it. I wouldn’t be sleeping in at this stage of the campaign. New Wall Street Journal poll: Biden’s not ahead in a single battleground. Trump’s up in North Carolina, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, it’s all even in Wisconsin. And in last night’s Wisconsin primary, 50,000 Democrats cast a protest vote against Biden.

But it gets worse for him. Look at their approval ratings in the states that’ll decide the election. Trump’s really popular and Joe’s not, his coalition’s collapsing. Blacks, Hispanics, young Americans, mostly men, don’t want to have anything to do with the Democratic Party.


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