Sunday, May 19

SEAN HANNITY: Biden’s team wants you to see as little of him as possible

Fox News host Sean Hannity said Monday it’s “no wonder” the economy is a mess with a confused man at the helm like President Biden on “Hannity.”


SEAN HANNITY: While a far left judge has now forced Donald Trump off the campaign trail, his opponent, Joe Biden, has been sidelined by his own mental and physical limitations. The Biden campaign announcing that Joe’s speeches will now be shorter moving forward. You see, they want Americans to see as little of Joe Biden as possible and frankly, for good reasons. He is weak. He is frail. He is not cognitively strong enough to handle what are the rigors of her campaign, let alone be president.

In fact, a horde of White House staffers now are surrounding Joe Biden whenever he walks, either to Marine One or away from Marine One. Of course, they want to hide is his doddering shuffle. Now the big boy stairs are out of the question. On Air Force One, Joe always takes the short steps up to Air Force One after a series of embarrassing falls. Biden is also relying on what the White House is calling maximum stability sneakers to help keep him upright. Everyone around him knows that he is a physical and mental mess, and all of them are trying to cover it up. 

Joe Biden is not well. He has no business being president, much less running for re-election. I don’t think he could handle being a Walmart greeter because I don’t think he can remember where the various departments would be. So, despite working to limit Joe Biden’s public exposure, well, there’s only so much staffers can do to keep Joe from making a complete fool of himself. 

Nothing confusing there. Nothing made sense there. No wonder the economy is a complete mess and if it wasn’t so awful for 60% of Americans living paycheck to paycheck, it would be funny. But there’s nothing funny about how people have to live.


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