Tuesday, April 23

Solar eclipse prompts US school closures, plus a fun American culture quiz

SAFETY FIRST – School districts and universities nationwide will observe alternative schedules due to safety concerns during the solar eclipse on April 8. Continue reading…

MONSTER CATCH – A fisherman has broken a world record after he recently reeled in a 97-pound bighead carp. See the wild image.  Continue reading…

BRAVERY IN COMBAT – A Medal of Honor recipient is recounting how he tackled a suicide bomber in Afghanistan. Continue reading…

SPRINGTIME STEALS – Check out these springtime gifts to shop on Amazon as the season begins to blossom. Continue reading…

RARE REPTILE – A two-headed snake is being cared for by wildlife professionals after undergoing surgery in Missouri. Continue reading…

AMERICAN CULTURE QUIZ – How much do you know about these American singers, plus popular products and more? Test yourself. Continue reading…

‘STRONG TO THE FINISH’ – Spinach-loving cartoon character Popeye debuted in 1929 — causing an explosion in the popularity of the leafy green, despite challenges of the Great Depression. Continue reading…

CALLING ALL CROSSWORD PUZZLE LOVERS! – Play our Fox News daily crossword puzzle for free here! And not just one — check out the multiple offerings. See the puzzles…






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