Sunday, June 16

Vikings legend Jared Allen has no issue with team moving on from Kirk Cousins

Kirk Cousins has long been one of the more under-appreciated quarterbacks in the National Football League.

However, his time ran out in the Midwest, and his marriage with the Minnesota Vikings ended this past offseason.

Perhaps circumstances may have been a little different had the 35-year-old not torn his Achilles during the season, but the writing had been on the wall throughout the season.


During the offseason, Cousins signed a four-year, $180 million deal with the Atlanta Falcons, with $100 million of it guaranteed. With the Vikings needing to pay Justin Jefferson, which they did, and a top pick in the NFL (which they used on J.J. McCarthy), it is easy to see why Minnesota moved on.

And Jared Allen is all good with it.

“It shooked out how it should’ve shooked out. I would have moved on, just because, nothing personal from the standpoint of Kirk, but you have to look where the future is gonna be. Even if you get two or three great years out of Kirk, for that kind of money, you’re setting yourself behind getting a good draft pick and in the right direction,” Allen said to OutKick’s “Don’t @ Me with Dan Dakich” on Tuesday.


However, Allen first made mention of Sam Darnold, whom McCarthy will be battling in training camp, saying the 2018 No. 3 overall pick has “shown signs to be able to be capable in the league, at times.”

“I think with the coaching staff you have there, you make the right decision – you invest more in the young guys, you invest in the guys around the offense, especially now that you have McCarthy… I think they did the right thing.”

Allen also said Cousins simply is not the guy to take them over the hump. 

“And at the end of the day, especially from a quarterback standpoint, you’re judged by wins and losses and Super Bowl, playoff wins. That’s why they get the big money. … We were no closer to winning a Super Bowl investing all that money into Kirk – we went to the NFC Championship Game with Case Keenum, and we never got back there.”

Ironically, the Falcons still selected Michael Penix Jr. with the eighth overall pick, two picks earlier than the Vikings took what they hope is their future.

Cousins was on pace for a career-high in passing yards and touchdowns before his injury.

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